A transparent solution that empowers your users and traces your documents.

Exchange without concerns


Our solution can fit in your information system and automatically tag files


Our solution tags the most commonly used files types (PDF, word) and all type of data bases (XLS, CSV, SQL, etc.)


The tag resists to common use (print, scan) but also malevolents acts (screenshots)

WaToo will identify your organization's last user who got access to the leaked information. Our watermarking technology allows you to keep on sharing your data whilst introducing an additional security. Our protection aims at identifying the source of an information disclosure by an authorized user.

How does it work concretely ?

How may we help you ?

WaToo can guide you from the beginning of your project. We help you identify when it will be interesting to tag, so you can obtain a traceability "by design"

Our marking solution can be installed on client's computers (for example to allow the marking of data bases that are shared with clients) ou be integrated to document sharing platforms

WaToo keeps on working with its clients by offering trainings and, of course, a technical support service