The invisible tag that protects your sensitive data

Thanks to its unique data and document tagging solution, WaToo allows you to identify rapidly and precisely the origin of a data leak in order to minimize their impact


Reduce the risk of divulgation
through accountability


Techniquc support of privacy
agreements (NDA 2.0)


Fasten neutralization
to minimize risks

Our partners

60% have an insider's origin

A leak is qualified insider leak when an user authorized to access the company's sensitive data (employees, partners, sub-contractors) discloses them

With important consequences

Economic losses that can amount to several million euros, important organizational damage and compromised business operations

Which are the sources of an insider's leak ?

The data leak road


Strong of 15 years of research and 2 patents in sensitive data protection, our solution is able to certainly identify the origin of a insider's data leak thanks to the application of a renowned technology in data protection