Reduction of risks and losses related to insider data breaches

Watoo allows identifiying the origin of a data leak in a precise and fast way thanks to its unique data and document watermarking technology

Minimize losses

Data leaks are neutralized faster and become a 1 time thing

Drastically reduce the risk of insider breach

Strong deterrence against bad behaviours

Precise identification and accountability

Enhance your contracts and NDA with the invisible watermarking of shared documents

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Which threat are we fighting against ? - Insider data breaches

When an user authorized to have access to sensitive data (employee, partner, contractor) discloses them, we talk of insider data breaches

They cost victims an average of $ 11.45 million

Les fuites d'origine interne

Did you know that 55% of data leaks have an internal origin ?

Indeed, bad behaviours and malevolent acts are more common that companies think. They can take different shapes : documents sent by mail, personnal cloud storage, screenshots with a mobile phone, etc. The result : major damage for your organization because these sensitive data can be found online and accessible to your competition and hackers.
WaToo's solutions make users aware of their responsabilities because in the event of a leak, we are rapidly able to identify its origin. This means that we reduce drastically the time needed to correct the breach and, as an extend, the costs for the company


We developped solutions that can precisely identify the origin of a data leak with an internal orign thanks to a renowned data protection technology, watermarking