Reduction of risks and losses related to insider data breaches

Watoo allows identifiying the origin of a data leak in a precise and fast way thanks to its unique data and document watermarking technology

Minimize losses

Data leaks are neutralised faster and become a 1 time thing

Drastically reduce the risk of insider breach

Strong deterrence against bad behaviours

Precise identification and accountability

Enhance your contracts and NDA with the invisible watermarking of shared documents

Internal data breaches cost victims an average of $ 11.45 million.

The vast majority of protection tools prevent unauthorized access to information, but once access is given, the information is no longer protected from disclosure and compromise. Accountability becomes an essential element so as to avoid incidents.

In case of incident, neutralizing the leak as fast as possible allows reducing damages. In that context, it is crucial to have the capacity of identifying the leak origin in a precise way.

WaToo solutions respond to these needs by hiding invisible tracers by watermarking (More info).


Invisible watermarking solutions

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