Protect yourself against data disclosures with WaToo solutions.

Unique watermarking solutions to help you fight against insider data breaches


Our solution can fit in your information system and automatically tag files


The tag can be applied on all types of databases (XLS, CSV, SQL, etc.)


The tag resists to import/export of the database but also the extraction of only a precise part

WaToo will identify the partner or client that would have leaked or illegally resold the information. It protects all databases made available to employees or sold under licence

After the edition of your database containing sensitive information, WaToo’s tag allows you to introduce a precise identification for each import or copy of a part or all of your database.
The tag introduced is indistinguishable and will not bother authorized person in their use.
If one of those users come to diclose a part or all of your database, intentionnally or not, the tag on the document will allow a precise identification and without any mistake after the recovery of the leaked elements.

How may we help you ?

WaToo can accompany you from the beginning of your project. We help you identify moments when it is essential to tag in order to obtain a traceability “by design”.
Our solutions can then be directly installed on client’s computers (for examplen to allow tagging of databases that will be transfered to clients) or to fit in documents storage or sharing platforms.
WaToo continues to work with its clients by offering trainings and, of course, a technical support.

Do you want to know more ?

Our team is here to help your with your needs and questions in terms of protection