A transparent solution that allows keeping your users accountable and tracing your documents.

Robust even in case of printing or screen capture.


Our solution can fit in your information system and automatically tag files


Our solution tags the most commonly used files types (PDF, word)


The tag resists to common use (print, scan) but also malevolents acts (screenshots)

WaToo protects your sensitive documents when sharing it with your employees, partners and clients. Our watermarking technology will allow you to keep on these essential exchanges while adding an additionnal security against data leaks. Here this protection aims at identifying the origin of a sensitive document disclosure from an authorized user

After the creation of your file containing sensitive data, WaToo's tag allows you to introduce an unique identification for each shared copy.
The tag introduced is indistinguishable and will not bother authorized persons in their use. It allows to introduce an accountability element against bad behaviours.
If an authorized user discloses the file, intentionnally or as a result of negligence, the tag on the document will allow a precise identification and without any mistake after the recovery of the leaked document. This identification allows companies to reduce the time needed to correct the leak.

How may we help you ?

WaToo can accompany you from the beginning of your project. We help you identify moments when it is essential to tag in order to obtain a traceability "by design".
Our solutions can then be directly installed on client's computers (for examplen to allow tagging of databases that will be transfered to clients) or to fit in documents storage or sharing platforms.
WaToo continues to work with its clients by offering trainings and, of course, a technical support.

Do you want to know more ?

Our team is here to help you with your needs and questions in term of protection